Branding to Impact & not just create noise

The other week I was bar-tending at my work Sage Vegan Bistro and struck up a conversation about branding with Doug Miller, creator and founder of Zen Arts LA, a group of talented cirque-like performers.

In today’s super savvy world online creators & consumers, people want quality products and services that not only had value but give them a feeling that keeps them coming back.

So what’s that feeling?

It’s the feeling I get when I watch Marie Forleo’s latest Youtube video, get a coffee at Deus, buy something on Amazon, stand in line for a Virgin Air flight and receive my latest purchase from It gets me excited, enables me to dream big, empowers me to create, makes me feel smart and on top of all that – it’s a rewarding experience that inspires me to be my best.

Brands!!! Millennials & the like (people who think like us) care about 3 things:

– Experience, how is it going to make us feel?

– Growth, will it contribute to making me a better person?

– Contribution, does it impact my world – workplace, community or planet?

Old school marketers and advertisers looking to make money are continuing to struggle as the learning curve gets bigger and the expectation for communication with purpose increases. The good news is that there are also soo many brands, particularly millennial brands, telling their story, adding value and connecting thee ideal customer because of this.

After a serving up a couple glasses of sav blanc, Doug said something truly profound.

Today, there is only branding and everything else is just noise.

High-five Doug.

Here are three of my favorite multi-dimensional brands I loooove and some insight on what makes these brands have impact and not just noise.

1. Marie Forleo elevates the ‘expert’ and self help industry enabling people to communicate their messages with style to make money and change the world. Her branding is purposeful, simple and contemporary. She uses solid colors and shapes that make her messaging pop.


2. Deus Ex Machina is all about motorcycles, coffee and surf. Their branding is a contrast of matte steels agains pops of color. Artistic flare is woven throughout.


3. Virgin Air makes everything look super fun. All. The. Time.

So I challenge you to think of how your personal brand, because we all have a personal brand, can make an impact and not just noise.
If you’re interested in learning more about how to visually brand your Youtube channel, I also have a video for that here.