5 Things All Online Influencers Have In Common

Most people are oblivious of the influence that they have online right now. For the longest time, I was too. 

I used to think that in order to be influential online, you had to have a million followers and make a living off of Youtube. The more I put myself out there and create anything online, I realize that that is not the case.

Over the last 8 years working in social media, I’ve realized that there is no secret code or hack to social media success but there is something greater…

There are common denominators!

I’ve noticed these 5 things that all online influencers have in common. 


So what are the 5 things all online influencers have in common? 

  1. They’re givers – Online influencers love to give. They often, if not all the time, give their expertise and energy for free. 
  2. They’re honest – Online influencers speak their truth. They have a tendency to be upfront, raw and vulnerable. 
  3. They’re fun – Online influencers don’t take themselves too seriously. They understand that what drives them to create online is that they love what they do & they want to share it. 
  4. They’re passionate and hardworking – Online influencers let passion drive them to work like a farmer. 
  5. They’re creative – Online influencers push past their fear to create.

Notice that the following are not on this list: 

  1. They’re expert photographers
  2. They have a college degree in writing
  3. They model when they’re not blogging
  4. They have impeccable taste

It’s super important to realize this: Anyone can be influential online. 

There are so many people who have amazing messages, talents and expertise, and are not ‘getting it on’ online! Simply put dude, you’re not influencing online, you’re not reaching the most people possible. If you really care about what you’re doing, you will find the drive to reach the most people possible

This is super important stuff! If you have a friend or know someone who needs to get there message, talent, expertise or brand out there make sure to share this post with them and leave a comment, I love hearing from you!

It’s starts right here – in order to play the game, you must create and share it online. So go on out there, make something & share it. I can’t wait to see it! 

Namaste fly,