5 Ways I Stay Motivated

In the perfect world, I’d be stoked on everything I do, all the time. (I’m workin’ on it

But right now in my journey, I still struggle to get things done and THIS is what I do to stay motivated:
1. I use visual reminders – Vision boards and inspiring quotes. 

2. I go back to gratitude – I meditate on what I am grateful for in my life right now and what’s working for me right now.

3. I recalibrate my thoughts and feelings – I ask myself if what I am thinking is empowering me – if it’s not, then it’s most likely causing me to feel crappy about situation.

4. I make moves – I take risks to remind me that I am the decision maker in my own life

5.  I look for the lessons “gifts” in the challenges – When suffering is absolutely necessary, I search for the silver-linings and what I can learn from it. 

Watch the full video here: 

I’d love to know – What do you do to stay motivated?