5 Ways to Create New Space & Productive Energy

Several weeks ago, I sat down to release something big. I sat there for what seemed like days, pushed and pushed but still nothing came out. WTF! 

If only there were laxatives for this kind of creative constipation, I might just have some hope I thought. 

We all experience this painful, confusing ‘stuckage’ but rarely talk about it so I’m here address the scoop on all my poop and share with you 5 ways to alleviate yourself. 

Why We Can’t Create When We’re Constipated

It’s simple. When our mind is everywhere other than where it should be (creating) we can’t release our ideas. When our spaces including work stations, home and computers are unorganized, cluttered or messy – distractions and technical mishaps are inevitable.  

It’s totally silly how our bodies naturally know we need to ‘release’ in order to be productive – yet our creative mind does not.  So in this video, I share with you 5 powerful ways to create new space and productive energy RIGHT NOW. 

In a nutshell, here are 5 ways:

  1. Declutter your physical spaces  
  2. Get rid of any unused social media accounts
  3. Delete unused unnecessary files from your computer
  4. Create a password database
  5. Develop a system for saving files 

Desktop FileFolders

After decluttering my workspace and home, I finally treated myself to a new desk!

Let me know, have you experienced creative constipation? And if so, what has helped you push through it? I’d love to know! 

This is something we ALL experience at some point or another, so if you have a friend who is going through this make sure to share this with them. It might just help and if anything you’ll both have a good laugh together. 

Thank you again so much for all your comments & thoughts!