Dance Challenge: Freestyle Friday

My friends and I love to ugly dance.

Yes you heard me right – no matter what dance floor we’re at, we love to bust out the dorkiest most awkward dance movement we are capable of (and we’ve gotten pretty dang good).

Why do we do it?

Cause it cracks us up! It reminds us that dance is a celebration of life (and it’s important to celebrate those awkward moments that just make us laugh).

It’s easy to get caught up in what you look like (or what you don’t like) when you’re dancing in public that you end up not dancing at all. So the ‘ugly dance’ is a way for me to check where my heart is at and not let my mind keep me from being who I am in movement.

I wanted to start Freestyle Friday on my channel to keep exercising my expression through movement and overcome any insecurities I might have that day about who I am. It’s about having fun, celebrating where you are today and sharing that joy with others through the power of social media.

I will be doing this as long as I have a body to dance so please join me when you can. Catch my first one here.

How to Do Freestyle Friday
1. Choose a song that makes you groove
2. Film yourself with a camera or your phone dancing for 30 seconds or more
3. Share it on social media (tag me @lifebyjazz & #freestylefriday so that I can check it out!)

Remember To:
1. Listen to how the music makes you move
2. Smile and have fun
3. Be proud of where you are right now
4. Encourage your friends to try it

Whether it’s on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat …etc., I hope you’ll join me in getting funky every Friday and tag me @lifebyjazz using the hashtag #freestylefriday!

Looking to get out there and dance with a like-minded community? Here are some of my faves:


At a burlesque workshop lead by Gisella Ferreira at Brasil Brasil Cultural Center. (Side Note: Taking movement classes is how I’ve met most of my friends)

Brasil Brasil Cultural Center – This has been my home and place of major movement discovery. It’s where I take most of my dance classes and foster my deep love expressing myself through dance – samba, capoeira and burlesque.

Dance Shuffle Challenge – This is an awesome LA & NYC based bi-monthly event that I’ve been to where people express and perform to randomized playlist of songs from all different genres. It’s all about dance, community, and having some serious fun!

The Floor at King King in Hollywood – The Floor hosted by The Open Floor Society is one of my favorite dance events. It’s basically this scene straight out of Dirty Dancing. It’s an improvised jam session between musicians & dancers of all genres and takes place every 3rd Monday of the month in and around mostly SoCal.

Open House Family – Open house is a LA & NYC based meet up group of people who love to dance. I love this community and meet up because they are truly open and dedicated to expressing themselves through dance. Their meet ups have a dj and no mirrors (to focus less on how you look and more about how your soul wants to move).

I highly recommend all these places to check out!

If you like this post, make sure to leave a comment & share it with a friend – I’d love to know, what is your relationship with dance and movement?