Discovering My Creative Genius

Why do we ever learn to grow up? Seriously though – thinking creatively like a kid so freeing and fruitful. Sure we have to feed ourselves and put a roof over our head, but when we are true to ourself and put creativity first – these things follow.

This past weekend I was in Oakdale, CA with my tribal markers tribe for a very special festival called Symbiosis Gathering.  We spent 4 days body painting and connecting with the community, in particular – the children. 

YES. There were some of the coolest kids I’ve ever met at this music and arts festival! They taught me so much about how life was intended to be – free, expressive and abundant. 

I rediscovered my creative genius, that inner child who knows no limits, has amazing faith in the world and only knows how to shine her brightest. 

You don’t need a festival to discover this in yourself – all you need is to look inside or look at a mirror and know that you are enough. You’re more than enough to create and share your creations with the world. 

So what about it – Do we have a deal? Will you create this week? If you know a friend who’s creative AF and isn’t sharing their work right now, do us all a favor and share this with them. It’s about time there work gets seen – rye? 

If that person is you – let me know here, what IS IT that you have to create?