DIY Holiday Gift: The Mantra Candle

Last year I made a DIY candle that inspired me to make a whole line of candles called the Mantra Candle. My idea was a candle with an inspiring mantra on the outside & a surprising mantra inside meant to be passed on. I want to share this idea o show you how to make a similar mantra candle at home. 


Here are the deets!

(Makes approx 2 medium sized candles)

What You’ll Need: 

  • At least 1lb or more of soy wax chips
  • A melting pouring pot 
  • Thermometer
  • Hair dryer
  • Essential oils of your choice (no fancy brands needed here!)
  • Candle wix 
  • glass containers
  • Tape or glue gun 
  • Foil 
  • Note Paper 
  • Label Paper 
  • Pen or Marker 
  1. Write your favorite mantras down on small pieces of paper
  2. Wrap them in foil a couple of times and place a coin in (for weight) 
  3. Secure a wick at the center of the bottom of your glass container using sticky putty or a hot glue gun
  4. Take your wax and melt it to 185 degrees F
  5. Let the wax cool down to at least 125 degrees F
  6. Add essential oils and stir
  7. Heat up glass with hair dryer so that the whole container is warm to hot. This helps stabilize the temperature when the wax is poured it. It prevents “pull” the wax separating from the jar
  8. Pour the wax into the jar slowly and mindfully
  9. Let wax cool till it is partially foggy
  10. Place mantra inside
  11. Let cool in a stable environment. I like to use the oven (make sure oven is turned OFF).
  12. Create your mantra label & place on candle when ready
  13. Enjoy!

MVI_5882 KickstarterFinal MVI_6302

There you have it! Let me know if you have any questions & if you try this at home! If you liked this video / blog make sure to share it with a  friend & subscribe to my channel! 

If you’re also interested in sharing a meditation with them by me you can download it here. 

Happy Holidays lovers!