Free to Low Cost Lifestyle Hacks : Summer Vibes

Anyone who knows me personally, knows that I love a good bargain. 

It could be because I’m Filipino American (Filipinos will always ask for a discount) OR because I ever since I could remember, I’ve rocked second-hand clothing. My parents also didn’t believe in ‘allowance,’ Santa Claus or the tooth fairy – so from a young age, I was challenged to get creative with getting anything new and ways to have fun. 

Although this creative thinking is in my blood, I remember a time in my mid-twenties when I was spending all my money on new clothing and going out to bars and restaurants with friends. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the money you earn, but all my money was going toward the weekend. I found myself living paycheck to paycheck, but even worse, I wasn’t happy.

Having my own online brand and business challenged me to cut back on expenses that weren’t investments and get back to thinking creatively about money. It reminded me that I could not only live with less, but that the best things in life ARE free like the decision to think creatively, manifest miracles and spend quality time with the people you love.

Today, I get free clothing by exchanging unwanted clothing with my friends. I can relax and simply enjoy a hot summer day by crashing at my friend’s pool or shop for unique household good at the Japanese dollar store, Diaso

‘Hacking’ my lifestyle to incorporate ‘free to low cost’ thinking has helped me spend my money on investments – aka. anything that will continue to give back to me, instead of liabilities – aka. anything that decreases in value or requires me to spend more money on it once I acquire it. 

While others might consider this budget mindset ‘being cheap,’ in many ways – it’s actually the opposite. When you think more about where your money is going, you build an awareness that can empower you to make your money ‘work for you’ rather than you ‘working for your money.’ This idea really sank in for me after I read the book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki.

Now that I have a steady income, I don’t need to exchange my clothing or think of free ways to have fun anymore, but I love to! 

get to make money when I save by not buying brand new clothing. I get to focus on the people I’m with instead of what we’re doing. Even when I’m making millions, I’ll still do clothing swaps and get creative with fun things to do for free cause it’s the experience that I truly enjoy.

I’d love to know – How do you get creative with saving or making money?