Getting Over Self Criticism So You Can Get On With Life

I found myself debilitated in the middle of a dance class last week. I couldn’t feel my legs and sweat was coming from places I didn’t know sweat came from. Even though the music was blaring the only thing I could hear was this voice in my head that was instructing me to do everything but be myself…  

YOOOOO – Do you know that voice I’m talking about? I have a feeling you do. Whether it crept up on you on the dance floor or as you were filming your last Youtube video, we all know this voice of self criticism. What we often don’t realize is that it’s has killed more dreams than drugs ever will and it’s primary goal is to keep you from experiencing happiness that you deserve. 

I wanted to make a video calling out self criticism because the first step to defeating it on the daily is being aware of it. It’s a sly mofo, that will dress itself up so that you can’t even see how it’s destroying you. So pay attention to those million thoughts of yours and see how they are affecting what you do and your life. Here’s how to handle it…

Today Tweetable Mantra: I choose to get over myself so I can get down on the dancefloor of life.

Thoughts that help me get through self criticism so that I can continue living my life and doing me!

  1. Hi there, self criticism. I see you. (Becoming Aware) We have so many thoughts that we think every single day that it does become difficult to be aware of every critical thought we think. The more we practice becoming aware of all our thoughts and especially the ones that break us down, the more we are able to dissolve them. You can’t work on something you can’t see! 
  2. Hi there, self criticism. It’s you again. You really don’t leave anyone alone do you? (Understanding it’s a natural part of life and everyone experiences it) 
  3. Hi there, self criticism. What your saying doesn’t actually help me with what I’m trying to do here. My strengths are ____. (Replacing your thoughts with powerful thoughts focused on what you CAN do)
  4. Hi there, self criticism. My purpose in doing this has nothing to do with what you’re telling me right now. (Remember your mission and purpose)

Do you struggle with self criticism? If so, what are things you’ve noticed about getting out of it and moving on? 

I challenge you to write down a list of your strengths and post it somewhere in your room where you can see it everyday. 

Thank you for watching, reading, commenting and sharing! Your comments are what fuel me to continue making videos and sharing my life. 

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