How to Cut A Freaking Pineapple

Some things in life are just not as intuitive as you might think, like for example, how to cut a pineapple.

Sounds simple enough right?

It sounds easy until you try to cut it for the first time without knowing where to start.  It’s not round like an apple or smooth on the outside like watermelon. WTF. 

Just to be clear, there’s not a right or a wrong way to cut a pineapple. But there are better ways to do things, and this is the way I learned to cut a pineapple that made me swear off buying the pre-cut babies. 

Here’s how:

Today’s Tweetable: The sweeter the pineapple butt smells, the more ready it is to be cut. 

How to Cut A Pineapple

 Step 1: Cut off the top of the pineapple 

Step 2: Shave off outer layer

Step 3: Cut off bottom

Step 4: Slice down the middle 

Step 5: Cut around the core & remove core

Step 6: Cut into equal size pineapple spears

Ever since I my mama taught me how to pick and cut pineapple, I actually LOVE waiting for it to ripen just perfect and enjoy cutting it as well. There’s something so special about smelling the pineapple as it gets riper and riper and sweeter and sweeter.

Delaying that instant gratification (even just a little) of getting and eating food creates a deeper relationship with the food you consume, increasing your appreciation towards it and even makes it taste better!!! 

I hope you enjoy the next pineapple you cut even more and have that connection with your food like I did the first time I cut my own pineapple.

Stay super sweet,





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