How to Deal with People Who Piss You Off Online (With Peace & Grace)

Whether you voted for Hilary or Trump, we’re all witness to the slam-fests in our social feeds that continue to leave us feel like we’re in a verbal and virtual warzone. 

So how do you deal with posts or comments from friends (or frenemies) that you just can NOT

Hopefully what we’ve learned from this overwhelming opportunity to speak our mind, is that there is only so much we can do to regulate those around us.

As an alternative, I propose turning within – to be the change.  

In the book The Code of the Extraordinary Mind, author Vishen Lakahini invites us to become “unfuckwithable,” meaning – no one can fuck with you because you don’t let circumstances or people get to you. 

I created this guided meditation to help you drop into the state of consciousness in which you are free from people who might otherwise piss you off. By choosing inner peace you can live with grace and become unfuckwithable. 

Being unfuckwithable doesn’t mean shutting yourself off or tuning people out, but rather – seeking to relate with that person on any level you can. We’re all one – so any negative charge against someone else is merely a negative charge towards yourself. We’re also all human – with the same desires to be heard and feel significant. 

You don’t have to agree with anyone or everyone, our perspectives are what makes us unique! By understanding and forgiving others (for pissing you off, hurting you or causing you confusion) you set yourself free.  

Remember, it’s only when you are free inside and happy can truly make an impact and contribute to others and the world around you.

So let me know, how have you dealt with people who piss you off and what have you learned from it? 


PS. If you know someone you think this could help, please make sure be a good friend, teacher and human being and share it with them and on your social pages. Thank you!