How to Share Your Thoughts In Online Video

Believe it or not but I used to sweat a lot in my videos. LA is hot but what’s not hot is filming hours of footage and having to edit it. This is what used to happened when I filmed vlogs.    

A year later, I am still learning about vlogging but I’ve gain some skills that helped me structure the way I think and speak on video. I wanted to share these with you and challenge you to make another video, this time – sharing your thoughts and applying some of these tips! 

1. Be clear and concise

Instead of using these filler words like “um” “like” and “you know,” I use what I like to call “the magic pause button” (anything that really helps me I instantly deem magic). Pause for as long as you need and then continue your train of thought. Silence is golden and a powerful way to make a concise statement. This was super hard for me a first, but the more you do it, the better you will get!

If you’re still uncomfortable speaking in front of the camera, there’s nothing that is as effective as good ol’ fashion practice. I continue to practice how to speak everyday. I’ve done everything from writing full scripts and reading them to speaking to myself on a daily basis. Writing out a script doesn’t mean memorizing it but speaking it out loud a number of times until it feels natural.

2. Know your message and purpose of sharing 

Here’s a bottomline for you – The more you know about what you’re talking about, the easier it will be to speak about it concisely. If you aren’t sure about how you feel with what you’re sharing, write it out first and take time to know it.

What purpose does this video serve? If that question is hard to answer, remember energy comes from having a mission. What gave you the energy to make this video in the first place? 

Make a list of buzz words. Knowing what words are related to your message can help you stay on track when speaking on camera. I also like to throw these in when I am filming to also help remind the viewer of the main point of the video.  

3. Stay relevant 

Never forget who you’re speaking to when you’re vlogging. If it helps, print out a picture of the type of person reach and tape it on top of camera. This has helped me!

Asking myself these questions can help you determine whether you’re staying relevant or not.

Are the words that I’m using in this video words that my viewer would use in real life?

Will my viewer understand and relate to the references I make in my video? 

Is this a video I would watch myself? 

The more you get to know the person you’re trying to reach (ie. how they think, feel and google) the more you will be able to speak in a way that connects with them in a video. 

Let me know – Have you ever tried vlogging and if so, how did you structure sharing your thoughts in your video? I love hearing all your comments and look forward to answering any of your questions!

This is simple but important stuff. If you have a friend who you feel could use these tips, make sure to be a goddess and share this with them. 

VIDEO CHALLENGE: My challenge for you is to create a vlog style video where you share your thoughts and use some of these tips in order to organize the video. The video can be about anything – so let your confident gorgeous self shine and remember to keep these these 3 things in mind!