How to Become Brand That Inspires Action

The difference between my sister and I is that she drinks Starbucks almost everyday and I don’t even remember the last time I had a coffee there.

It’s not that I don’t drink coffee, it’s that I prefer local coffee shops. I especially love grabbing coffee and scone at Deus Ex Machina (on Venice Blvd and Lincoln Blvd) cause it’s a place I go – not only to get caffeinated, but to feel inspired. The cafe is part surf, part motorcycle store with an open patio and a brussels griffon named Jackson.


Jackson the dog loves hanging with me while I edit my Youtube videos!

Deus Cafe oozes everything I’m about including travel, salty hair & that free spirited life. On the other hand, Starbucks is not my cup of tea (or coffee in this case) – it’s more of a place I resort to when I’m feigning for an espresso and it’s the only option at the airport.

No matter how you take your coffee neither is right or wrong, but the point is we all have brands we deeply prefer for some reason or another. My obsession with understanding this cultural reality lead me to studying branding. If you aren’t familiar with branding, I like to describe it as a self expression of who you (or your business) are in this world. It’s how you talk, what you wear, what people say about you when you’re not in the room & etc.!

Last year I decided that becoming a preferred brand (one that inspires action, ie. going into purchase a coffee) is the kind of brand I wanted to be. One of the most foundational books I’ve read on this is Primal Branding by Patrick Hanlon. In this book, he explains that branding has been around since people decided to gather and build community (which is from the beginning of time). He explains how for centuries people have been using branding to create powerful movements, cults and zealots using 7 primal branding messages.

I wanted to share these with you here & on my Youtube channel because I believe, just like me, you are a change-maker and with this knowledge, the world will be a better place. Since reading this book I’ve become more aware of how the brands I love are communicating to me. This has helped me with my own brand including how to write my ‘about me,’ creating a social media calendar and identifying who I am really serving with my online content.

Watch this vid – I’d love to know what you think!

Let me know if you have any questions and I’d love to hear ‘Which of these primal branding messages do you feel most inspired to put into action and how do you plan on doing that this week?’  

Have a totally stellar week lovers,


The 7 Brand Messages to Building a Preferred Brand Are:

The Creation Story

Creation story is the story or narrative that explain the backstory and set the stage for trust, respect and belief. Often involves a mythic quest. Constructed around a vision for the future and transformation. Crucial in providing answers to why people should care about you.

The Creed

Creed is a set of core principles a mission statement that declares a belief in hope – some sort of ‘life after death.’

The Icons

Icons are quick concentrations of meaning that caused your brand identity and brand values to spontaneously resonate

They can be visual (logo), sound bites, smell or some other form they are sensory imprints that instantly summon the brand essence.  

The Rituals

Rituals are repeated interactions that people have with your brand. They replace chaos with order. They are active engagements that can be imbued with either positive or negative meaning.

The Pagans or Nonbelievers

Defining your pagans is important in defining who you are.

Once you understand who the pagans are (those who will never understand you) you open up new opps to be who you ar and manifest your potential for what you can become.

The Sacred Words

Sacred words are a set of specialized words that must be learned before people can belong. For example, if you’re a yogi – you understand what namaste means.

The Leader

The Person(s) who is the catalyst

Risk-taker, visionary, iconoclast who set out against all odds to re recreate the world according to their own sense of self, community and opportunity.

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