I Dare You To Create

As a ‘little’ Jazzy, the game ‘truth or dare’ never really appealed to me. I didn’t get any sort of thrill from either having to tell the truth or doing a dare. 

The truth was – I was just plain scuurred of both!  

I eventually grew out of my fear for that game but the damn thing (fear) still remains in my life.   It comes up every time I try, or even think of trying, to create something. Sound familiar? It’s because we ALL experience it.

We ALL hear those same thoughts in our head that love to ask us:

Are you sure you’re good enough?

Don’t you think there’s someone else out there who’s already done this better? 

You don’t actually think you’re talented, do you?

In fact, that bi*tch fear almost knocked me out cold this last month – the result? I didn’t create sh*t. It sucked & was painful.

Not only was it emotionally painful, the universe threw a fit at me for not creating. I swear it was like I turned 29 and the ten plagues of Egypt hit me.

Today, I dropped my excuses. I filmed a quick & dirty one inside my car and uploaded it (uncut) straight to Youtube to show you what it looks like to face fear in the eye.   

Creating Beyond Fear

What got me to create today was coming to terms with fear and realizing that it’s never going to go away. In Elizabeth Gilbert’s book ‘Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear,’ she writes about developing a relationship with fear rather than fighting it. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of such a thing & I freaking love it. 


The idea is that fear is a natural and instinctive wiring in all of us that has actually done a lot of good in our lives in the cases like, protecting us from burning our hands on the stove when we were little or accepting that dare to jump of your cousin’s rooftop. However, in the case of any creative venture – fear doesn’t know crap (it’s like asking your grandpa to update your iPhone) and so… you shouldn’t let fear make any decisions around creating!

Today I chose to get high off creating & I really have to thank YOU for it. Through your comments, shares & energy – you all constantly inspire me to continue sharing life through my Youtube channel & now blog. I really hope this resonates with some part of you and that you find it to be powerful stuff.

I couldn’t leave with out saying one last thing.


If you do accept this challenge, film a video of yourself sharing your greatest gift/talent or your unique insight on something you really care about. Upload it to Youtube & share it on 2 social media sites. Share your link with me on Youtube, Facebook or Instagram cause I’d love to watch it & reshare it. 

Keep creating cause I promise you ARE dope,