Something I Failed to Share with You Earlier

Sometimes we film a ton of stuff… and life happens! We forget about it & we think it’s just too late to share on our blogs or even on social media. 

That’s a total lie keeping you from possibly inspiring someone through one of your passions. 

This summer I went to Tahoe and cooked for a group of amazing yogis for the Stoked Yogi Yoga Teacher Training in Tahoe. In this video, I share with you a recap of the awesome weekend and the yummy vegan meals I prepared! 

Remember, It’s NEVER TOO late to share something that impacted your life and that you love with people online. It’s also never to late to accomplish or do anything you’ve always wanted to do. For me, it was editing this video and sharing it with you all on Youtube and my blog! 

Here is an extended list of things I wanted to do this last week / month of 2015 that I did!!! 

  • Edit old footage from this summer – CHECK!
  • Hire a business and branding coach – CHECK!
  • Do the Culver Stairs twice in one week – CHECK!
  • Create Youtube videos and blogs every single week – CHECK!
  • Train so hard in capoeira that I almost barf – CHECK!
  • Clean my refrigerator – CHECK!
  • Donate clothes to Goodwill – CHECK!
  • Watch all 4 books of Legend of Korra – CHECK!
  • Commit to living in my zone of genius – CHECK!
  • Get a new career that fosters and grows my zone of genius – WORKING ON IT!!!

I’d love to know – is there anything you want to accomplish or do before 2015 is over?