My Personal Meditation Practice

Who the hell has time to sit down for 20 minutes a day and do nothing? THIS is what I used to think when I first learned about meditation… 

I liked the idea of “clearing my mind,” I often felt like a chicken with her head cut off – running around trying to make sense of the chaos that life kept throwing at me.  

I tried different meditations months, some I liked and some I hated – but none of them stuck and it left me feeling like a failure…

And then like a miracle, I found the 6 Phase Meditation guided and read by Vishen Lakahani on Youtube. Instead of feeling like a chore, meditation became game to me that I got to tune into each day; and challenge myself to declutter, heal and envision.

This is why I am sharing this sacred practice with you – because it not only taught me how to meditate, but it makes me a productive and happy human being – empowering me to show up my best each day. 

In this video, I break down each part of the meditation and what I love most about it. 

Meditation is a practice, not a destination. So I hope you’ll try it out and be patient with yourself when things come up that you might not want to see or hear inside. No matter how dark it gets, know that we’re all going through the same human thoughts – and you have the choice to choose the thoughts that empower you most.

Here are the Six Phases that Vishen guides you through in this meditation: (This image is from – one of my favorite resources for everything mind, body & soul) 


I’d love to know if you try this meditation at home, and what you think about it!!! If you share your practice experience on social – make sure to tag me #LifeByJazz