A Fail Proof Way to Truly Enjoy Your Birthday (Free of Stress)

Maybe it’s the “perfectionist” Libra in me, but I’ve always struggled with feeling satisfied on my birthday.

This year I turned the big “three oh,” and instead of planning a party or pretending like I didn’t want to celebrate – I decided to do something revolutionary (for me) and commit to letting go of any and all expectations that came up for me on my birthday.

I’ll just admit it, this was one of the first stress-free birthday’s I’ve had since my mom threw an ice cream themed party for me when I was in 3rd grade – so I had to share it here with you…  

I’m excited to share these tips for a stress-free birthday. My hope for you is that you not only experience this this inner peace but know that you deserve it any time you choose to access it! 

Next time your birthday rolls around, remember the pressure of celebrating your birthday dissolves when you live with gratitude for your life everyday. 

So now it’s your turn to tell me! 

When is your birthday and how will you choose to celebrate your life? 


PS. If you feel this might inspire or help bring peace of mind anyone you know – please be a good friend, teacher or coach and share this with them! 

More Photos From My 30th Bday 


My partner Paul and I spent the day surfing and soaking in the sun at Topanga State Beach in Malibu.


In the evening, I met my family for dinner at Griffith Observatory. You can actually bring your own food and picnic for free!


My good friend and coach Drinie surprised me with her daughter Aniela at the beach!


My whole family, my partner PJ and my brother’s girlfriend Amy joined me for dinner!