Branding Magic & How It Can Help You

When you’re in the flow, opportunity can seem like it comes out of no where. 

Two years ago, I first started experiencing frequent unexpected opportunities in my life and it freaked me out! I called my cousin and tried not to sound completely crazy when told her, “I think I have magic powers.” At first, finding out how to replicate it seemed as useless as learning how to levitate but I kept honing in on my Harry Potter skills, which lead to understanding the art (and magic) of personal branding.

Personal branding is an expression of who you are in this world. It’s making a mark (online and in real life) about what you do, what you’re passionate about, how you add value to this world and etc. It can be expressed through what you post online, the photos you share and even your comments.

There are so many definitions of branding and opinions of how it works that it often becomes a word and practice that is hard to understand, elusive and intimidating but branding is as simple as this – what you put out, you will get back. 

It’s not about the resources or skills you have to write, take photographs or build a website – it’s about knowing yourself and how to express that. Branding magic is not about the wand, but the magician. 

Today’s Tweetable:  Branding magic is not about the wand but the magician.

The breadcrumbs in search of where the unexpected opportunities came from kept leading back to what I was posting on social media. Before LifeByJazz was born, I noticed freelance opportunities would appear shortly after I shared my thoughts and expertise on social media through my Facebook page.

As I began to be more intentional with my social media activities something beyond my wildest dreams happened. My Instagram crush Amelia of @Stoked_Yogi hired me to private chef her yoga retreat based off of images of food I had cooked and posted on Instagram!

People continue to contact me for opportunities because of what they saw I did or created or posted about etc. online. Whether you’re aware of it or not – personal branding happens regardless of who you are. We all have a unique message and gift to offer the world so don’t cheat anyone out by being invisible. Nobody wins from this magic trick & the only one you’re tricking is yourself.

Brand yourself and remember, it’s not about the wand that makes the magic, its the magician.