The Key To Effortless Video Creation

‘Why is vlogging so stinking hard?!’ I could not stop asking myself this each time I failed to start a Youtube channel. Trust me, my Youtube Channel didn’t happen over night.  

Self Discovering Through Social Media 

It took me 8 years of telling myself I wanted to start a Youtube Channel – to start and stick with it. Four years into this, I had a flashy job as a social media manager for TONI&GUY. I even got to vlog a couple of times at New York Fashion Week but I always hid behind the camera.

I created videos about hair and fashion because it was easier than facing the truth. I didn’t know who I was at all.

I curated my personal social media to reflect an exciting, luxurious and fashion-forward life but deep down inside I felt empty. It was so easy to use social media to validate this lifestyle #humblebrag – that was actually built on fear of what people would think of me. Every time I went to express myself online – it was like staring into a reflection in mirror that I didn’t want to see.

After countless takes filming myself for a Youtube channel focused on social media marketing (that never launched) I knocked the camera stand over and began to cry. I just wanted to be myself and truly love the person I watched when I played back the video.

At that moment, I knew what I needed wasn’t a better camera but to do some soul searching. I began to gobble up books on personal growth, character development and yoga, exploring my identity and beginning to design a life that I could be proud of. Whether you think you know everything or nothing (or a little bit of both) about life or making videos, remember – there’s always room to discover more!

Several months later, I began to expose myself again online through my channel LifeByJazzTV, this time sharing what I had been reflecting on in life, books and about myself. Each time I learned more about myself – a lot of it being embarrassing, and even more often, hard to face.

I so proud to say that I’ve been on Youtube for almost a year now and it’s been a hell of a journey.

Creating Videos With Less Effort & More Passion

The key to creating effortless video content is NOT being  an expert in your field or becoming a professional video producer but being willing and excited to continually explore yourself.

Like road trip, Youtube is not about the destination but the journey.

Today’s Tweetable: When you fall in love w/ the creation process & embed it into your lifestyle, effort evaporates. What’s left? Passion.

I’m constantly learning to love myself in the moment (no matter what I look like that day on video) and celebrate where I am in life (whether struggle or stride). When I create in this mindset, video creation is relatively effortless. It’s empowered me to connect with real people all over the globe and build a brand that I am truly proud of!

Just like everything else in life, vlogging doesn’t get easier, but the more you do it – the more you discover how to express yourself to the world and we all have a story to tell, a passion to share and a vibe to send out into the universe!

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Have you ever thought about starting a Youtube Channel? If so, what would your channel be about? If you have a channel, already make sure to comment to tell me about it & share the link so I can check it out.