Trip in the desert: Exploring to Expand


Dear life designer, adventurer and epic soul,

What makes us different is that we long to explore uncharted territory.

It’s the thrill, the potential danger, but also the trust, the knowing, that on the other side is beautiful expansion. Simply put, exploration is an expression of a desire to grow.

This weekend, I traveled to the desert to celebrate 5 years of crazy soul connection with my partner and best friend, Paul. We had both felt a supernatural pull, a calling from God, to unplug and explore the desert. So we drove 3 hours outside LA to camp overnight in Joshua Tree.



Unlike city skyline, the natural landscape is clearer and more vibrant than anything I have ever seen, perhaps it’s because everything out there is alive and breathing.

It’s interesting how from afar, the desert can look bland and barren but when you’re in it – the unique rock formations take on a different scale, the sand moves and you see there’s actually something living there! A lizard or snake rattles by, your heart thumps out of your chest.

‘I’m so grateful to meet you!’ I said to myself.


Hiking Split Rock, we found ourselves in the middle of no where without a human or car in sight and… wait for it… a fork in the path!  It wasn’t the first fork we had encountered, but it was the first time during our hike that we realized we didn’t know which direction we were going. Even though were only about a mile out, I noticed how easily my mind began to race about the possibilities of getting lost in the desert.

We tend to have expectations of how the journey should be, in this case, the hike was supposed to be a relaxing walking tour in nature. But the truth is, the only thing that ‘should be’ is yourself, in the here and now. The beauty of exploring the unfamiliar are the risks that allow us to challenge our faith in ourselves and God. I had the choice to either sweat and worry about where were, or trust in the path before us.

Like a game, I focused on one foot stepping in front of other – and it clicked how simple life can really be! Every circumstance, every breath, every decision is just one step in front of another. There are steps I make with more confidence than others, but it’s the action not the feelings or thoughts in my mind that get me further. Whether you feel like your walking, running or tripping on your journey of life, the path that is constant and will always lead to home is to just be you.

“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.” – Dr. Seuss


In our culture, we define ‘tripping out’ as losing your mind, but maybe it’s necessary sometimes in order to listen to what’s already there. You.

Two hours later, we finally caught a glimpse of our solo car in the lot and celebrated!

I took a deep breath and smiled as I looked out on to the vast horizon that I could now call my friend. I’m here to live right now, one foot in front of the other. I’m here to explore, get lost and expand.






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