When Social Media Pressures You To Be Perfect

As if there wasn’t already enough pressure in the world to ‘have it all together,’ social media puts that extra pressure to get seen, look cool and be perfect all the time. When it comes to social media, being imperfect is perfectly OK. 

I’ve struggled with this ‘social media stress’ in my personal life, throughout my career in social media marketing and now with having my own brand.

So how do you balancing being real and present while putting your best face forward and representing your brand in a positive light? 

Here are a few pointers to free yourself from social media pressure and refocus on what really matters. 

  1. Realize that no one is perfect – Yup, no one, even those bloggers you secretly (or not so secretly stalk) are not perfect and have smelly poops like you too. You don’t need to look or be like anyone you follow. It’s ok to be yourself! 
  2. Share what’s real – Remember, what really attracts people online is originality. There’s nothing more unique that your own very personal perspective on life and the things that you love most. 
  3. It’s all about balance – Sure social media is curated, but so is every outfit you put on every morning. We all tell our stories if different ways and it’s all about finding a balance and a process that works for you. 

What really matters in social media is being able to communicate to the people you want and need to connect with online. So if you find yourself struggling to be yourself, come back to – who is this person you want to connect with? Chances are, they prefer the real you over the person you feel pressure to be online. 


PS. Know someone who might need to hear this message? Make sure to share it with them via email or social media. You never know what impact sharing might have one someone’s life! Thank you & much love.

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Photos by Paul Natividad & copyright LifeByJazz