Witnessing Impossible: Backstage at the IRONMAN Triathlon

When was the last time you felt like taking on something that truly felt impossible? You knew it would not only be hard, but painful – and you knew it would take patience to finish. 

If the answer is “recently” or “all the time,” then props to you – that means enjoy growing! Those who are addicted to suffering for the reward of growth are a rare (and sexy) breed – but you either know this-is-you or not. This is definitely ME. LakePlacid

I recently was sent by Beachbody to cover live social media feeds for a couple of the IRONMAN triathlons including Lake Placid and Boulder. One of the awesome perks of being a content creator, is you gotta be there to create the content – so I’ve had the opportunity to travel for work throughout my career.

What is so “impossible” about IRONMAN?

The IRONMAN triathlon is a 2.4 mile swimming, 120 bike ride and then a full 26.2 mile marathon all in one day. The competitors have 17 hours to complete the race and earn the honor of becoming an IRONMAN.  



I was so inspired by the IRONMAN culture of “anything is possible,” that I had to share it here: 

I witnessed a blind man complete the race in under 17 hours.

I’m so inspired by the stories of the IRONMAN finishers – many in fact not the stereotypical athletically blessed freaks-of-nature that you envision. The dozens of finishers I spoke to were inspired to race for the first time after encountering a life altering challenge like losing a loved one, being diagnosed with a health condition or recovering from an accident.   

The truth is anything IS possible. 

Think about the last time you achieved something that was challenging or unexpected – there was always a point in your journey of getting there that was seemly impossible. If this isn’t true for you, dig deeper. We’ve all accomplished something in our lives that expanded our ideas of what was possible – it’s called growth. 

Change is inevitable. Growth is optional. – John C. Maxwell, Author of How Successful People Think 

So next time you feel like something is damn-near-impossible, just know – it’s a natural feeling (it’s your ego speaking) and you DO have a choice to choose to grow from any and all challenges that come your way. 

This is your chance to inspire – I’d love to know, how do you stay motivated when something feels impossible?

What have you accomplished or are in-progress-of, that at one point felt impossible? 




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